Former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim says he was summoned to the Anti-Corruption Commission ACC in relation to the MMPRC scandal because of the influence of some individuals and to dampen the support he is gathering.

The current MP for Dhagethi Constituency Nazim summoned before the commission on Tuesday and Wednesday in connection with the scandal.

In a statement, Nazim said he was summoned before the ACC in a case that allegedly took place nine years ago because the people are accepting his political work.

Nazim said that powerful political individuals were behind the move designed to degrade him and lose the people's trust in him.

Nazim said he has served the state in various positions for more than 30 years without a blemish to his record as he has not been involved in any scandals or scams.

He stated the people won't accept such manipulation by the government and use an independent institution to achieve its purpose.

The former Minister said it's disheartening to see how that independent institutions are not run as they are meant to under the Constitution and it is concerning to see the government exert its influence on these institutions

Nazim also noted the government's use of independent institutions to intimidate presidential candidates is unacceptable.

He went on to call on the government to stop its efforts to influence this year's presidential election and give way to free elections. Nazim also urged independent state institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Commission to refrain from political influence and fulfill their legal responsibilities.