The Communist Party of China (CPC) has ordered its discipline inspection commissions at all levels to initiate strict actions in order to curb misconduct and corruption related to efforts to advance the rural revitalization drive.

Targeted measures should be made to rectify the practice of pointless formalities and bureaucratism in implementing policies for rural revitalization and advancing the drive, according to a directive issued by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The document highlighted measures against perfunctory attitudes and buck-passing practices among Party members and government officials and called for concrete measures to relieve burdens on those working in primary-level positions.

Severe punishments will be meted out to fight corruption and other Party discipline violations in the implementation of national strategies for safeguarding food security and protecting the farmland, the document said.

It added that supervision and inspection of key projects and the use of funds and grants should be tightened.

According to official statistics, since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012 to the end of April 2022, discipline inspection and supervision organs across the country had investigated nearly 4.4 million cases involving 4.7 million officials.

And the tangible results of the fight against corruption have been felt by the people.

From the 19th CPC National Congress to the end of April this year, nearly 500,000 cases of corruption and misconduct in the field of people's livelihood have been investigated and handled, with 456,000 people punished.

A survey by the National Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2020 revealed that 95.8 percent of people are fully confident in the work of exercising strict governance over the Party and curbing the spread of corruption. (Xinhua)