The Government has asked the Privatization and Corporatization Board PCB to appoint Abdullah Saeed (Koshigey Saeed) as the new Managing Director of the State Trading Organization STO.

The Press has come to know that PCB is currently working on the paperwork to finalize the appointment. Saeed is currently the Managing Director of Maldives State Shipping MSS, a subsidiary of STO.

The new appointment comes as the government dismissed Hussai Amr from the STO Managing Director post earlier this week.

The President's office said that the administration is always looking to further enhance the company and the decision to dismiss Amr is part of the restructuring to achieve this.

STO's Chief Financial Officer Mohamed Nizam is the current head of the company.

Amr was the first head of a State Owned enterprise that supported Speaker of the Parliament Mohmed Nasheed during the MDP Primary held last January.

He accompanied campaign trips with Nasheed and has been active in furthering the activities of Nasheed's breakaway political activity within the party named 'Fikurege Dhirun' (Birth of an ideology).

Many within the party criticized Amr for his decision to stand with Nasheed while holding a political position within the government of President Solih.