The Criminal Court has convicted the only suspect arrested in connection with the brutal murder of local taxi driver Gasim Hassan.

Gasim was found killed back in December of 2019 and Adhuham Ahmed of Bodu Hiyaa ge Lhaviyani Hinnavaru was later arrested in connection to the brutal murder.

Authorities later charged Adhuham with intentional homicide with a sharp object for the murder of the 58-year-old taxi driver.

At the latest hearing held today, presiding Judge Ali Nadheem said even if the defendant has changed his answer about why he had stabbed the taxi driver, the defendant had always maintained that he had in fact stabbed the victim with a knife.

The Judge pointed out that since the DNA from both the victim and the defendant were found on the murder weapon, there was no doubt that the knife had been stabbed and hence Adhuham was convicted of the murder of Gasim.

Even though Adhuham have been convicted of the murder of Gasim, his sentence would be given after the testimonies from the victim's heirs.