The Defence of former President Abdullah Yameen has filed an appeal at the High Court after making changes to the submission twice.

Yameen's defense is appealing the verdict given to him by the Criminal Court convicting him of money laundering and accepting bribes in the sale of Vaavu Aarah. The conviction that came late last year was issued with a sentence of an 11-year prison sentence for the former President which he has now begun to serve.

The former President's defense team initially appealed the case at the High Court on the 21st of last month but the High Court had asked the team to file two different appeals as the two charges belonged to two separate dockets.

Yameen's team made the required changes and filed the appeal case on the 13th of this month.

Speaking to 'the Press', Adam Shameem, one of the lawyers representing Yameen, said despite the team filing the case twice at the High Court, it has asked the team to make changes to the appeal.

He said that the Court had asked to order some documents as well as translate some other documents and include screenshots of other relevant material. He added that the defense team has now again appealed the conviction at the High Court last night.

The Opposition is in a race against time to free its Presidential Candidate Yameen ahead of the September elections with other cases also scheduled against him.