Representatives of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who is looking to secure a second term in this year's election have met with influential businessman Champa Mohamed Moosa.

Defence Minister Maria Ahmed Didi and the MP for Hulhumale Constituency Ali Niyaz represented the President at the meeting held today.

Speaking to 'The Press, MP Niyaz said that he had met with the businessman sometime today and that the party would reveal the details of the talks to the media at a later date.

He added that MDP had full assurance that Champa is a man who would choose national interest first when making decisions.

The President's camp is meeting with key political figures ahead of the elections and has so far secured the backing of current coalition partner Adhaalath and former opponents Maldives Democratic Alliance MDA ahead of the polls later this year.

MDP is also seeking the backing of the Jumhooree Party which has revealed an inclination to compete in the elections separate from the MDP coalition. JP leader Gasim Ibrahim met with President Solih yesterday but did not reveal the details of the discussion.