Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has suspended the first parliamentary session of this year amid protests from opposition MPs against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The President was preparing to deliver his Presidential Address at the podium when MP for Naifaru Constituency approached the stand and started heckling the President. The MP called for the President's resignation too.

Speaker Nasheed tried to quell the situation by advising the MP on several occasions but when the MP did not heed his remarks, the Speaker ordered the MP to leave the chambers.

But MP Shiyam continued his protest against the President and was soon joined by several other opposition MPs.

Speaker Nasheed gave these MPs advice before ordering them to leave the chamber as well. They include the MP for Maavashu Constituency, MP for Mahibadhoo Constituency Thoriq Ibrahim, and the MP for Felidhoo Constituency Fazul.

However, as the MPs continue to barrage the President with calls for his resignation, Speaker Nasheed suspended the session and said that he would begin the sessions once the MPs take their seats.

While the live feed of the session was also cut, the Speaker was seen later speaking with the protesting MPs.