The opposition has accused the Police of stopping the President of Kaafu Atoll Guraidhoo Council from entering his office as President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits the island on a campaign trip for the MDP Primary.

The opposition said Guraidhoo Council President Hussain Yameen Ahmed who represents PPM was obstructed from entering his office by the Police and that a number of police officers were sent to the island ahead of President Solih's trip. They also said that security forces stopped those who were preparing to stage protests during the President's visit to the island.

Speaking to 'The Press', Yameen himself said that as Police had stopped him from entering the Council Office, he had to jump over the walls of a house nearby to enter his own office.

He reminded that MDP members once joked that former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom would take his own car during atoll visits and today's scenes were just as same.

Yameen said that a show of force was on display with a number of police officers in Guraidhoo and insinuated that there was no point to the display.

Police are yet to comment on this matter.

While the President has traveled to different islands on his campaign trial ahead of the MDP Primary, he has been met with opposition-staged protests on several islands.