President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decides to end the campaigning for the upcoming MDP Primary with a rally in Addu City.

The President is set to travel to Addu on Thursday with a huge rally scheduled for later that day. President Solih made a trip to Addu on the 13th of this month.

He traveled to Addu for the ceremony to mark the 50th Anniversary of Feydhoo School and though his trip was considered an 'official' trip, he campaigned on the visit too.

President met with MDP members from all the wards of Addu City and walked for door-to-door campaigning too.

While the President is scheduled to visit Addu City on the 26th, his opponent in the Primary Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed is expected to travel to the Southern-most city later today.

There have been accusations that some government agencies have been hindering his trip.

The much anticipated MDP Primary is scheduled for next Saturday with campaigning expected to culminate on Friday.