Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says there is no contact between him and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and they have not talked on the phone for over a year.

Nasheed who is competing against President Solih in the MDP Primary said speaking to reporters today that President Solih called him only once while he was in Germany and the UK seeking treatment following the assassination attempt against him on May 6th last year.

Nasheed said that President has stopped holding discussions with him on matters relating to the coalition and other matters that the President chooses.

The Speaker said that the President's advisors feel that he would 'shine' less if the President were to discuss matters with Nasheed.

Nasheed repeated his statement that the current administration was showing traits similar to that of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and said that this includes making employees of State-owned companies attend the President's campaign rallies.

He further said that the President has been using big words in his campaign speeches and these words do not reflect the governing system in the country.

Nasheed added that he would win the MDP primary and go on to win the Presidential Election for MDP and that many people in the Maldives still supports him.

The MDP Presidential primary is scheduled for next Saturday.