Health Minister Ahmed Naseem says the government is planning to launch a program next year to determine the public's health and wellness in the Maldives.

Speaking in an interview with the State Broadcaster PSM, the Minister that authorities have not been able to determine the status of non-communicable diseases in the country.

He also said that many have been in danger of contracting life-threatening illnesses like cancer but have not been getting the required treatment at an early stage.

The Minister noted that the government aims to start the program to determine the public's health status next January or February. He further said that this would further determine the status of non-communicable diseases in the country and give those in danger of developing these illnesses treatment at an early stage and in turn decrease the numbers gradually.

The Minister also said that the Ministry was working to create a digital system that would maintain the health records of individuals and added that these records were not being kept very well in the country.

A recent study by the Health Protection Agency in colloboration with World Health Organization and Maldives National University showed that the unhealthy practices among Maldivians were exceedingly high.