Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has advised the MPs to consider taking action against Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam saying that the Government has violated the law for failing to gazette the 'Hulhumale Planning and Construction Regulation'.

The Majlis Committee on Secondary Regulations amended the regulations and forwarded them to the Ministry back in 2018 for publication. But it was discovered that the regulations were not published and an investigation into the discovery began in 2020.

After deliberations, the Committee decided to give the Ministry one week to publish the regulations.

Once the Committee report was read at today's Parliamentary session, Speaker Nasheed said that the law clearly states how the government should act and that the Government has no other choice but to abide by the law.

Stating that the Government has violated the law, Nasheed gave the MPs two recommendations.

He said that the MPs can decide to take the case to the Court or take action against the Minister himself.

Nasheed further said that while the Ministry can hold discussions with the MPs on how to resolve the issue but also voiced his concerns on how Minister Aslam has acted in this case.

The Speaker said that he hoped that the MPs would look into how far the Minister has gone against the Constitution and if not there is no point in holding such Committee deliberations.

The Committee report concluded that the Ministry has no legal precedence to keep from publishing a regulation in the gazette and that this was an act that went against the rights and powers vested to the parliament.