Deputy Minister at the Transport Ministry Shimaaz Ali says political figures were behind the attack against him on Friday night.

Police said that they had received the report of the attack against the Deputy Ministry on the 18th of this month and that they were investigating the case. So far no arrest has been made in relation to the attack.

The Deputy Minister said that the dangerous attack against him was carried out with political leaders behind it and that it was an act of cowardice.

He said that his attackers had threatened him on different occasions before the attack on his person.

Deputy Minister Shimaz urged the police to find those who carried out the attack and also find those who were responsible for the attack.

Shimaz, who belongs to Maldives Reform Movement MRM, was attacked in Male' on Friday night and MRM has called on authorities to find those responsible.

The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC has asked the Prosecutor General's Office to charge 6 people including the Deputy Minister over awarding the contract of creating Minister-sanctioned license plates to a local company named 'Vasagio'.

While Shimaz acted as the Chairman of the bid Committee, he was accused of meeting with the company during the bidding stage.