Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed says most SIM cards are taken in the Maldives under the names of foreigners.

He said this while speaking at a press conference held today at Iskandar Koshi. Home Minister Imran Abdullah and Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed also joined the news conference.

The Commissioner said that foreigners are buying most SIM cards in the Maldives and these include those who don't even live in the country.

He said that it comes down to a staggering 5,000 SIMs per person.

Commissioner Hameed said these SIM cards are being used for criminal activities, running scams, and by terrorist networks. He assured that authorities are taking action to prevent these activities.

He said that authorities are working to block the phones smuggled into prisons by taking appropriate action.

Further detailing this work, Commissioner Hameed said that around 2,796 SIMs have been blocked and that 817 mobile phones have been disabled from being used on any telecommunications network.

He added that Police have blocked 3,130 scam calls and have also blocked 8 IP addresses.