Medianet says it is prohibited to show World Cup matches on big screens for commercial gains.

The company first said that it would not allow matches to be shown on big screens in any manner but overturned its decision about the World Cup matches.

In a statement, Medianet said that under FIFA guidelines it was allowed to screen the matches on the big screens unless there is a commercial gain involved.

It further said that the company would not take any action against those who screened the matches like this but it was prohibited from showing matches on the big screen for commercial gain.

Medianet added that Maldivians enjoyed watching football, especially in big crowds and that the company would not hinder this in any way if the matches were screened as per FIFA guidelines.

The Company has said before that it is prohibited to live the FIFA World Cup Matches on different social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

The World Cup is set to kickoff in Qatar next Sunday and would conclude next month.