Rehendi School says it has changed its sessions to online sessions after the fire incident at the school yesterday.

The fire incident happened just before the morning session began with some students already in their classes. Maldives National Defence Force MNDF deployed its fire engines from the Hulhumale' station and extinguished the fire right after it was reported.

MNDF said that the fire originated from electric boards on the 1st and 5th floor of the school. They added that no one was hurt in the incident.

Rehendi School said that it was working with State Electric Company Stelco to repair the damages to the school's electric network and that the work was being carried out under the guidance of the Education Ministry.

It said that the school would resume regular sessions next Sunday after completing all the repair work.

The School further said that in order to avoid disruption to students' education, the school would hold online sessions for the students and that it has made further arrangements for these sessions. The school said that this includes creating Google meet classrooms and assigning work via Viber.