A fishing vessel from Gaafu Dhaalu Madaveli has set a new record for catches per day by bringing in a staggering 57 tonnes of fish.

CEO of Maldives Industrial Fishing Company MIFCO Ismail Fauzee said that though the weather in the south had not been the best, the T.S Liner vessel who had gone out to the water yesterday had brought in 57.125 tonnes of fish and that this was a record for pole and line fishing.

Fauzee further said that the vessel had received a deserved MVR 971,584 for their catch after it was weight at the Kuddoo fish factory and that he congratulates the captain and the crew of the vessel.

He also said that the T.S liner vessel had weight the most catch at MIFCO last year too and that it had weighed 1095.805 tonnes of fish at MIFCO last year.

Former Minister of Fishing Zaha Waheed was quick to congratulate the fishing vessel owner and its crew for the remarkable record.

She noted that the tuna was caught sustainably by pole and line; 1 by 1 under the leadership of the young Skipper Farhan Zahir and that she was proud of Maldivian fishermen.