Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali says that even though many schools have now been changed to one-session schools, there are still many difficulties to deal with.

The Minister said this while speaking at the parliament today after the MP for Kurendhoo Constituency Abdul Ghanee Abdul Hakeem asked why there was no benefit of changing schools to one-session schools.

Minister Dr. Aishath said that currently 157 schools are operated as one-session schools. She noted that when the schools are changed to one-session schools the most important part of schooling becomes providing an inclusive education and that only 44 schools are practicing this concept right now.

She explained that under this concept students would finish up the work given for the day during the school session and that they won't have to attend classes during the weekend.

She said however that there are certain difficulties practicing this concept under the civil service system. She noted that civil servants have to spend 2 more hours to effectively implement the concept and that they should be awarded overtime pay for the extra 2 hours spent. But she said that under the civil service regulations such overtime cannot be sanctioned.

She said that all the schools cannot be changed to one-session schools right now but that the aim was in this direction. She added that the hope was to introduce this concept to all the schools.