A vessel from Gaafaru has run aground a reef while on its way to Male' after a fishing trip.

The boat named 'Hudanbaru 12' ran aground the reef off Faafu Atoll Imithee. The vessel was carrying back 10 tons of fish catch when it met with the accident.

Speaking to 'The Press', Vice President of Gaafaru Council Haneef Zahir said that usually 16 people went fishing aboard the vessel but he was unsure how many individuals were currently on the boat.

He said that Maldives National Defense Force MNDF had confirmed that 12 people were currently aboard the stranded vessel.

Haneef said that the boat ran aground while on its way back to Male' after a bout of fishing and that two aboard the boat were injured in the incident.

He added that the injuries may not be serious as all are working near the vessel.

While it had been reported that the stranded vessel carried 10 tons of fish catch, no other details are available about the information.