Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC says passengers who use the minibus services in Male' would be able to travel without paying for 2 more weeks.

The company had begun the service on the 5th of this month and had said then that it would give the service for free for the first two weeks. The free travel period was up today and the company was poised to charge for the service tomorrow.

But in a statement today, MTCC said that it decided to extend the free travel period for minibus services for an additional two weeks. MTCC said that the main reason for extending the free travel period was to let passengers have the full bus experience and to improve the bus services as per customer experiences.

MTCC further said that another reason for the extension is to create awareness among customers of the RTL App that would be used to purchase bus tickets once passengers are charged for the bus rides.

The Company said that once the free travel period is over, passengers can purchase QR tickets for buses via the RTL App or website.

MTCC said before that it would charge MVR 7 per person for bus rides. However, those below three years of age, those above 65 years of age, and those with disabilities along with students in uniform would be able to travel free of charge.