The PPM/PNC coalition has called on authorities to investigate the sudden death of an inmate who had been locked up in Maafushi Jail.

43-year-old Mohamed Nasheed died last Thursday after complaining of breathing difficulties. He had been remanded in custody till the end of the trial after he was arrested in March of last year.

In a statement, the opposition coalition said that the leader of the coalition along with all its members send condolences to Nasheed's family for his sudden death.

The opposition said that before Nasheed died of breathing difficulties, he had informed prison officers about the problem but was ignored and that they had been callous with the treatment.

It also said that Nasheed's lawyers had shared that the deceased had complained that he was being tortured and beaten while in prison.

The Coalition called on authorities to investigate the inmate's death and to reveal the findings of the investigation to the public. It also called on authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

It further called on the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives to investigate the incident as a matter of urgency.

The deceased was arrested in a drug-related case and had said in a trial hearing that one side of his head had become numb and that there was a hole in his ear that was bleeding.

He said that though he had sought treatment, he was not healed.