Foreign Minister and President of the United Nations General Assembly UNGA Abdullah Shahid says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih would be re-elected in the 2023 Presidential Elections.

He said this in an interview with India's 'The Print' during his visit to the country in his role as the President of UNGA.

Shahid said that the people of Maldives have received the work that has been done under President Solih's outstanding leadership.

In his interview, the Foreign Minister also touched on the relationship the Maldives has with regional rivals India and China.

Shahid said that India will always remain Maldives' 'first and closest friend' which over the decades has culminated in an 'India First' Policy.

The partnership between Maldives and India is based on mutual trust and mutual recognition of the closeness, the affinity we have between our two countries. And the relationship has thoroughly flourished during President [Ibrahim Mohamed] Solih’s time (coming to power) since 2018
Abdullah Shahid, Foreign Minister

Shahid also highlighted that the Maldives would maintain close ties with other countries including China. He noted that China and many other countries have also been very generous in their assistance and cooperation.