Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed has issued a veiled threat at the government saying that it would lose support from the public if there is no chance to change the system to a parliamentary system.

He said this at a meeting with MDP supporters to discuss his bid to change the governance system.

At the meeting, Nasheed revealed estimated statistics on how the coalition political parties would do in the coming election based on past results and performance.

He projected that MDP would win 48 percent of the vote which amounts to 112,000 votes while coalition members JP, MRM and Adhaalath are expected to bring in a total of 23,000 votes.

Nasheed said that his maths is based on political reality and said that 42 percent of MDP members would not vote for the government if there is no system change and this amounts to 47,000 votes.

He added that this means only 27 percent of the people would vote for the current government and that this is the reality.

Nasheed has been holding a series of an information sessions on the proposed system change while President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has requested his long-term colleague to drop the matter by taking back his resolution to the MDP congress.

President Solih had said that this was not the time for such a major change and that the nation needs to work on pressing matters that are plaguing its community.