The Opposition Progressive Coalition has called on authorities to investigate accusations made by the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In messages on a social media group, the Speaker claimed that he had photographic evidence which showed the President having sex with a young girl and that he questioned whether the President had used the Police to delete the incriminating pictures.

Subsequently, the President's spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook issued a curt statement yesterday denying the accusations made by the Speaker and that the President has never been involved in such indecent activities.

The President himself is yet to address these serious accusations by his long-time friend and colleague.

In a statement regarding the matter, the opposition coalition said that the President should not be denying such serious accusations made by such a high-ranking official and that the President should make way for an independent investigation.

It said that the public deserves to know the truth about these claims and called on the Police to launch an immediate investigation into the matter.

The Opposition further said that to ensure that the investigation is objective and transparent, the President and Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed should temporarily step aside from their posts.

It added that the government should not bury these accusations like the corruption allegations against President Solih.