Managing Director of Road Development Corporation RDC Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey) says there is no support among MDP general members for leader Mohamed Nasheed's political vision.

He made these comments while taking on a program aired by Sangu TV.

Mookey said that the former President was one of the most formidable figures within MDP. But he said that the party's members have become disinterested in him because of his political vision and how he goes about achieving his political agenda.

Mookey further said that Nasheed does not have the support he used to have among the party's general members.

He went on to make a bold statement saying that in the next Presidential Election, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih would represent MDP and that he would win the election for the party.

Mookey noted that even if Nasheed competed against President Solih in the party primary, Nasheed would not win the ticket.

Both Nasheed and President Solih have expressed their interest in competing for the MDP presidential ticket ahead of the election next year.