Maldives National Defense Force MNDF Coast Guard has kicked off a special operation for sea vessels ahead of the eid Al-Adha holidays that come during the school holidays this year.

MNDF said that the annual operation is carried out ahead of the eid holidays every year to ensure the safety of passengers as many travels to the islands via sea.

It said that during the operation, the coast guard would be checking whether the sea vessels have completed all the requirements mandated under the vessel safety certification.

MNDF said that this includes checking marine VHF radios on the vessels as well as making sure that vessel captains have legitimate licenses and check other safety requirements on the vessel.

It also said that the operation would cover the vessels docked in the greater Male' area as well as those traveling to the atolls.

MNDF assured that the operation would be three-phased and that they continue the operation until the end of the Eid holidays and school holidays.