MP for Hoarafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem says the public is unaware of the rising prices of goods in the country.

Speaking at the parliament during the debate on the amendments proposed by the government to the Public Finance Act, MP Saleem said that it is evident that the Finance Minister is not trying to assume all financial power but rather the government and ministers are working to establish a check and balance system and forgo powers.

Pointing out that major economies like the US and UK are also facing inflation in goods prices, MP Saleem said that the Maldives would also face inflation and that it was not in doubt.

MP Saleem said that the Maldives must also bear the brunt of the difficulties faced worldwide.

He said that he appreciated the work done by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his Ministers under the current circumstances and that it had been proven that the Maldives does not fear the reality of being unable to meet its debt obligations.

MP Saleem added that seeking parliamentary approval before taking more loans would only make life difficult for the government.