Former MDP Chairperson Reeko Moosa Manik says former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed had also sought help from Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim in his bid to secure the Presidency.

He made the comments after Nasheed chastised President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for holding talks with Gasim having announced his bid for re-election last week.

In messages to a Whatsapp group that hosts MDP members, the leader of the party Nasheed said that President Solih had announced his presidential candidacy with the assurance that current coalition members Adhaalath and Jumhooree party would stand with him.

He further said that the President's sudden talks with Gasim meant that he took the decision unilaterally without consent from the party.

In response to these, former Vice Speaker of the Parliament Reeko Moosa recalled the times Nasheed had sought support from Gasim in different elections.

Reeko Moosa said that Nasheed had met Gasim ahead of the 2008 Presidential elections which Nasheed won.

He also said that he had heard Gasim speak on TV about how Nasheed had sent President Solih to Gasim's residence in Male' with a cheque in hand to help win the 2013 election for Nasheed.

Reeko Moosa added that in 2018 Nasheed had called Gasim while the latter had been in Germany to help the coalition win the election.