Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has criticized the High Court after it ruled that the order issued by the Criminal Court about the 'IndiaOut' banner hanged outside ex-President Abdullah Yameen's house was illegal.

Speaking at the Parliament sitting held today, Nasheed pointed out that at the Criminal Court, Police had identified 6 reasons why the banner should be removed and the High Court made the decision based on just one of these reasons.

Nasheed further said that the High Court's ruling made it obvious that it does not understand the reasoning behind the Police's request for a court order to remove the banner.

He also said that while the High Court had been applying the laws passed by the Parliament, it had failed to take into account the parliament's intent when passing the laws.

Police had removed the banner on the 21st of last month after entering the ex-leaders house under a court order from the Criminal Court.

Police removing opposition's 'India Out' banner

Yameen's legal team had then appealed to the High Court to cancel the order on the basis of it being illegal.

A three-judge bench from the High Court had then ruled that the order to remove was in fact issued illegally and hence would be canceled.