Chairperson of the National Award Committee and former Gender Minister Aneesa Ahmed has criticized the parliament over its inability to address the pension issue saying that a parliament that had failed to solve the issue should not be talking about human rights.

She said this in a tweet after the parliament threw out the emergency motion submitted by the MP for Thimarafushi Constituency Abdullah Riyaz that accused that pension was not given to pensioners in the way stated in the Pension Act.

MP Riyaz has said that pensioners who should be receiving the basic pension of MVR 5,000 after the latest amendment to the Act were not receiving their rightful money.

He had said that retirement pension and the allowance given to elderly individuals above 65 years of age were two different schemes and that it was not fair that some were not receiving the money as stated in both the schemes.

Once the motion was asked for a vote to be accepted to the floor, only five MPs voted for the motion with 19 others voting against the motion.

Highlighting this, Aneesa said that it was unfair that individuals who had spent most of their lives in government jobs and those who haven't received a basic pension.

She further said that MPs who had refused to even entertain the idea of amending the law to rectify the issues, should not be allowed to talk about rights.