Former MDP Chairperson says the party's members from Addu City do not want any ill will to fall on the leader of the party and speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

He made the comments in a Twitter post to garner support for Maafannnu Uthuru MP Imthiyaz Fahmee who is competing for the MDP Chairperson's post.

Hassan Latheef said that the MDP members from Addu also want to see harmony and unity within the ranks of the party. He added that it was refreshing to see that these members are more than ready to ensure that status by working alongside MP Imthiyaz.

While MP Imthiyaz has the backing of the Speaker along with key members of the party's leadership, he is competing against the current Economic Minister Ismail Fayyaz who has the support of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Both candidates are fervently campaigning for the internal election set to take place next month.