Speaker of the Parliament and leader of MPD says he is willing to make any sacrifice to ensure that MDP remains in power.

In an interview with "The Hindu" while on a trip to neighboring Sri Lanka, Nasheed said that considering the current political climate in the Maldives it was critical that MDP remain in power.

He added that he was ready to do whatever it takes to keep MDP in government.

The Former President also expressed his wish to compete in a presidential election again.

But stressed that it was important that MDP won the next election and said that he would work to achieve that behind any candidate MDP fields.

In his interview, Speaker Nasheed praised long-time friend President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for all that he is doing to resolve the issues facing the country.

I can’t see both of us contesting each other. I don’t think he would, either
Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker of the Parliament

Nasheed also said that he didn't see each other competing against one another. He added that it was important for him that MDP has another term in power.