The Elections Commission has decided to issue funds from the state budget to four political parties that have more than 10,000 members.

Under the Political Parties Act, the Commission must issue 1 percent of the state budget to the political parties with more than 10,000 members.

As the parliament had approved a state budget of MVR 36.9 billion for this year, the commission is tasked with issuing MVR 369 million to the political parties.

Parities who are eligible for the state funds and their membership

  • Maldives Democratic Party MDP; 50,055 members
  • People's Progressive Party PPM; 35,350 members
  • Jumhooree Party JP; 12,747 members
  • Adhaalath Party; 11, 306 members

This is the first time the Adaalath party is receiving funds from the state.

Parties ineligible for the state funds

  • Maldives National Party MNP; 8,570 members
  • Maldives Developmental Alliance MDA; 7,106 members
  • People's National Congress PNC; 3,589 members
  • Maldives Labour and Social Democratic Party MLSDP; 2,831 members
  • Maldives Third Way democrats MTD; 2,549 members
  • Maldives Reform Movement MRM; 2,380 members
  • Dhivehi Raiyyithunn ge party DRP; 2,380 members

While there are 16 registered parties in the country, only four are eligible for eh state funds and only a few regularly hold political events.