Health Protection Agency HPA has banned gatherings of more than 50 individuals in the Greater Male' Area amid the spike in COVID cases in the capital city.

HPA said that as the new COVID variant Omicron had been discovered in the Maldives and with the rapid rise of COVID cases in the Greater Male' Area, the agency had decided to strengthen the measures taken against the pandemic under the powers vested to it by the Public Health Protection Act.

The Agency said that these measures would be implemented in the Greater Male' Area of Male', Villimale' and Hulhumale'.

It said that under the new measures, all gatherings and events with more than 50 people have now been banned in the capital city. HPA also said that gatherings and events with less than 50 people should also be held under restrictive measures.

HPA also urged the public not to hold street markets and sporting events where people might gather and said that these measures would go into effect starting tomorrow.

The Agency called on government agencies to implement the measures and urged the public to follow the measures to further prevent the spread of the COVID infection in the country.