The Opposition coalition has discussed ways to expand its 'India Out' campaign to the Atolls as it looks to gain momentum with the early release of former President Abdullah Yameen.

Coalition partner PPM said that Yameen had met with island councilors, steering committee members, and island leaders last night to discuss ways in which the opposition can expand its campaign against Indian Military deployment in the Maldives.

PPM said that Yameen had emphasized that the opposition coalition prioritized expanding the 'India Out' activities in the Atolls and also organizing more party activities in the islands.

Leaders of the opposition join protests against Indian Military presence in the Maldives/ Photo: Twitter

Although the opposition coalition has been actively involved in the 'India Out' campaign, it had not officially endorsed the anti-India campaign. But members of the opposition's leadership had taken part in rallies calling India to withdraw its troops stationed in the Maldives.