A suspect arrested for a drug bust has said in court that she was unaware of the drugs in the luggage of the man she was traveling with.

Authorities in the Maldives had arrested two Brazilians for attempting to smuggle narcotics into the country earlier this month.

Officials identified them as 28-year-old Cristiano Silva and 37-year-old Nairu Nuenez Desouza.

Silva was arrested after suspicious behavior and authorities nabbed 18.8kg of narcotics from his luggage. Desouza was identified as his travel companion.

At a court hearing to determine the extent of Silva's custody period, the criminal court remanded him in custody for five more days.

At the hearing, Silva's travel companion Desouza said that she was unaware that Silva had any narcotics in his luggage.

Desouza remains under custody.

Meanwhile, Silva said that he was under the influence when he came to the Maldives and that the luggage in which the drugs were found was not his.

Silva conceded that he had agreed that the luggage was his at the airport but he was coerced into agreeing to its ownership.