The opposition coalition has expressed its frustration about the probe into the leaked audio of the criminal court judges who had found ex-President Yameen Abdullah guilty of money laundering.

Speaking to the media after meeting with Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz to get the latest update about the probe into the leaked audio clips, the leader of the opposition coalition Abdul Raheem Abdullah said that authorities are going nowhere with the investigation.

Abdul Raheem said that this just proves that the whole thing was orchestrated within the highest echelons of the current administration and that they intended to isolate the ex-President from the political field.

The audio clips allegedly feature Judges Ali Adam, Mohamed Sameer, and Judge Hussain Faiz

He said that the opposition has met with the police for the third time to inquire about the investigation into the leaked audio clips. He noted that the opposition keeps meeting the police about the issue because they had noticed several discrepancies about the probe of the audio clips.

Abdul Raheem said that this includes Judicial Services Commission JSC labeling the audio clips as fake 2 hours after they were leaked and that the Police said that one of the voices on the audio clip matched that of a judge on the panel of the case.

He also mentioned that while experts in Malaysia found the audio clips to be fake but raised suspicions when the police refused to release the subsequent report.

Abdul Raheem also said that the opposition believes that the charade of the leaked audio clips is just an excuse to keep former President Yameen from partaking in political activities and to punish the ex-President.

He expressed concerns that the matter of the audio clips remained unresolved as the Supreme Court prepares to pass its verdict on the appeal case of the former President next Tuesday.

JSC had suspended criminal court judge Hussain Faaiz for two months after it was revealed that his voice matched that of one of the voices on the leaked audio in which the judges allegedly spoke out the verdict against the former President.