Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem says he will talk about the chat logs leaked by Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof at court.

The Youth Minister shared the chatlogs between Shameem and a Personal Assistant at the Youth Minister moments after the PG Office announced that it has filed charges against the Minister for allegedly accepting bribery of USD 33,000.

Sharing the chatlogs, Mahloof had said that the communication proved that the PGO's move against him is fueled by PG Shameem's personal vendetta.

When 'The Press' asked the PG about the chat logs, he said that he would speak only at court and that he had no comment for now.

After the PGO had announced that it would pursue charges against the Minister, both Mahloof and his wife had hurled scathing verbal attacks at PG Shameem.

The PGO had charged Mahloof under the Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act after the then-MP had allegedly accepted a bribe of USD 33,000 to vote for the bill on the special economic zone back in 2014.

PGO had said classed the corruption as part of the MMPRC scandal in which millions of state money were swindled for political and economic gain by the former administration.