President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has officially inaugurated the “SAFF Championship Campaign” organized by the Football Association of Maldives (FAM).

The ceremony was held last night at the National Stadium. President Solih launched the campaign by touching a replica modeled after the SAFF Championship trophy.

Under the campaign launched last night, FAM plans to conduct nationwide marketing and public relations activities.

The President's Office said that a video demonstration of the campaign was shown during the inauguration ceremony, as well as a presentation detailing the campaign.

The President of FAM, Bassam Adeel Jaleel, introduced a book in commemoration of the SAFF Championship titled “Aharemenge Faharu”, and disbursed certificates to the partners and sponsors of the event.

This is the first time the SAFF Championship is being held in the Maldives, having previously only jointly hosted the 2008 games with Sri Lanka. The tournament will be held from October 1st to October 16th, 2021