The Leader of Maldives Democratic Pary MDP and speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says he won't be defeated in a primary within the party.

He said this while speaking to the media virtually from the UK where he is recuperating after being injured in an IED attack against the former president earlier this year.

When asked if he would support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih if the President won a primary within the party, Nasheed said that such a situation would not arise if he were to compete in a primary.

Nasheed said that he would not lose in a primary and that the questions regarding such an outcome should even arise.

The Speaker also said in the last Presidential election, President Solih competed with a ticket that was also won by Nasheed himself. He added that President Solih got the primary ticket because the speaker could not compete for it at the time.

Nasheed also said even though President Solih got the ticket without a primary, the rules that govern MDP do not allow for it.