Minister of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology Aminath Shauna says the government is working to stop open burning in Thilafushi and implement a long-term management plan.

She this via Twitter after being briefed on the Thilafushi Dumpsite management plan today.

Minister Shauna being briefed about the Thilafushi Dumpsite management plan/ Photo: Environment Ministry

The Minister said that an international consultant, with the assistance of Asian Development Bank ADB, is working with the Ministry and WAMCO to extinguish the fire and stop toxic smoke coming out from the dumpsite.

After the briefing, Minister Shauna reiterated that the government was working to stop the open burning at the dumpsite and that it is working to implement a long-term management plan of the dumpsite with WAMCO.

She noted that this is critical to improving air quality and environmental standards in the Greater Male' Area.