President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today officially renamed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building to Fathulla Jameel Building, in honor of former Foreign Minister, late Fathuhullah Jameel, O.D.R.I.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Solih stated that naming one of the most prominent ministries after one of its former Ministers is indicative of the tenacity that the late Fathulla Jameel had displayed during his 27-year and 4-month tenure as the Foreign Minister of the Maldives.

He said that the building, located clearly amidst Malé City's panorama, had been masterminded by Fathulla Jameel to stand as a paradigm of Maldivian culture and heritage.

President Solih officially opens the newly renamed Foreign Ministry building/ Photo: President's Office

President Solih underscored that since attaining independence 56 years ago, the Maldives' had engaged in foreign policies aimed at protecting human rights and promoting unity, freedom, and peace.

He stated that Fathulla Jameel had faithfully advocated for these same rights and freedoms on the global stage throughout his tenure as the foreign minister.

He further said that the Maldives priorities in the international arena, stating that the Maldives always had and will continue to advocate for; democratic institutions and independence for all countries; personal freedoms and humans rights for all people; and sustainable practices worldwide to protect against the effects of climate change.

President Solih speaking at the ceremony today/ Photo: President's Office

President Solih also noted the Maldives' acceptance and success on the global stage were further evidenced by the landslide victory for the Maldives' Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdulla Shahid, in the election held on June 7, 2021, to appoint the President of the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).