President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has met with the members of the National Security Council, after receiving the report from the Parliament's Committee regarding the National Security Services inquiry into the May 6, 2021 terror attack on the Speaker of the Parliament and former President, President Mohamed Nasheed.

The President's Office said that during the meeting, discussions were held on conducting further research on the recommendations and on how to proceed with implementing the recommendations outlined in the report.

The Parliament’s Committee on National Security Services presented the inquiry report to President Solih on Sunday.

Chairperson of 241 Committee MP Aslam presented the inquiry report to the President/ Photo: President's Offce

The report was delivered to President Solih by the Member of Parliament for North Hithadhoo constituency and Chairperson of the Committee, MP Mohamed Aslam, at a meeting held at the President’s Office.

Speaking to the Committee members after receiving the report, President Solih acknowledged the importance of such an inquiry and the outstanding work done by the Parliament’s National Security Services Committee.

The President affirmed that he would carefully review the report’s findings and that it would be shared with the National Security Council (NSC) to make necessary amendments per the report’s recommendations.

President Solih also thanked the Parliamentary committee for the diligent work they did in such a short period of time.