Maldives Democratic Party MDP Chairperson, MP for Henveiru Hulhangu constituency Hassan Latheef concedes that there is a rift within the party.

In a tweet, MP Hassan Latheef said that the party's work got divided after the government did not want to fulfill the pledges made by the party during the presidential campaign.

He went onto say that the rift between the government and party grew after the government sought excuses after excuses in investigating the MMPRC scandal.

MP Latheef also mentioned that the divide within the party is also due to the fact that the coalition government had isolated former President and current speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed from administering the government.

His scathing comments followed that of MP for Alifushi constituency and brother-in-law to the President, Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Bigey).

MP Rasheed had said that there is in-fighting between the party and that this can only be resolved once it is confirmed who would get the presidential ticket for the next election.

He further said that even though no one within the party's leadership would want a divide within the party, such a split has now been formed in the party's work.