Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed says he would remain steadfast in performing his duties and responsibilities to appease the public.

In a special message as the Parliament kicked off its 1st sitting of the 2nd session of 2021, the speaker congratulated all the MPs. Nasheed said that the parliament is beginning its work this session after an unsuccessful assassination against him.

Nasheed further said that he had no doubt that all the MPs would work to fulfill their duties as parliamentarians even amid the uncertainty and fear surrounding the situation.

He said that he trusted his colleagues to choose the nation's interest over their own and that they would work for the benefit and security of the nation.

The Speaker also said that with God's graces he would join the MPs in their work soon.

Nasheed added that he would remain steadfast in fulfilling his responsibilities as per the wishes of the Maldivian public.

The former President suffered near-fatal injuries in an attack against his person earlier this month when an IED was detonated just outside his residence in Male'.

Nasheed had been on his way to his car with his security escort when the device was detonated and was rushed to ADK hospital where he received extensive life-saving surgeries.

Nasheed departed to Germany last Thursday for further treatment.

Police had confirmed that five others were injured in the attack including members of his security detail and innocent bystanders.

Authorities had apprehended 3 suspects in relation to the attack and had remanded them in custody for another 15 days.