ADK Hospital says Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed, who was injured in a terrorist attack, has so far had multiple successful surgeries since he was brought to the hospital last night.

The speaker sustained serious injuries after a blast targeted his car just outside his residence in Male' when he had walked to get into the vehicle. The attack had injured a total of 6 people including members of the speaker's security detail.

Earlier, the hospital had said that Nasheed was brought into the hospital with multiple injuries and that the Speaker of the parliament being treated by a multi-specialty medical team.

The hospital also said that during the assessment of injuries, the need for further surgeries was identified and that the Specialist teams treating the former President were proceeding with the required essential surgeries.

Meanwhile, the police are set to meet journalists at 02:00 pm today to give an update on the investigation into the attack so far.

Police have said in a statement that they are viewing the incident as an act of terror against the former president and that their investigation would be carried out with this view.