ADK hospital has confirmed that the speaker of the parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed was brought into the hospital with multiple injuries after an attack on his person earlier in the night.

In a tweet, the hospital said that the Speaker of the parliament was brought in at around 08:30 pm tonight and that he had suffered multiple injuries.

The hospital also said that he is currently being treated by a multi-specialty medical team. ADK said that his vitals are currently stable and that the hospital would keep on updating his condition.

In a later tweet, ADK said that during the assessment of injuries, the need for further surgeries was identified.

It said that the Specialist teams treating the former President were proceeding with the required essential surgeries.

The attack just outside the speaker's house when he stepped outside to get into his car had injured 5 people including the speaker himself.

The four others who were injured include 3 of his body guards and a foreigner standing near the scene of the attack.

Maldivian government had strongly condemned the attempt on the speaker's life and had said that investigation into the attack has already begun with both the police and the MNDF involved in the probe into the incident.