President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the police are now investigating the blast that targeted Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed earlier tonight.

In a tweet, President Solih also confirmed that his long-time friend had sustained injuries during the incident and that Nasheed was now seeking treatment at ADK hospital.

President Solih condemned the attack against the former president and confirmed that police were now investigating the incident.

The Area where the blast had occurred/ Photo: MDP

The president had visited the speaker at the hospital tonight as many well-wishers of the former president gathered outside the hospital.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said that the Maldivian government strongly condemned the attack against the former president. He said that both the police and the Maldives Defense Force MNDF were actively investigating the incident.

Mabrook also said that President Solih and the national security council would convene later tonight for an emergency meeting to discuss the incident.