Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed has sustained injuries in an explosion near his car earlier tonight in Male'.

Police said that following an explosion on Neeloafaru Magu in Malé, Nasheed has sustained injuries and is currently receiving treatment at ADK Hospital.

It also said that the Police are currently active on the scene and urged the public to refrain from going to that area for the time being. Police added that it would keep the public updated on the attack.

It is believed that the explosion occurred while the speaker had stepped outside from his home nearby to get into his car. It is being reported that the blast had injured a foreigner standing nearby and that the individual had now been rushed to ADK hospital as well.

Media reports have confirmed that well-wishers of the former President had gathered outside the ADK hospital and are voicing their concern regarding the incident.

It has also been confirmed that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had visited the speaker at the hospital tonight.