Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid says freedom of the press, like any other, requires constant protection.

In his message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Minister Shahid said that the need to protect the freedom of the press has become more relevant than ever with the emergence of a diverse mediascape across the world.

He noted that the surge of disinformation and hate speech seen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic also calls for an urgent re-evaluation of media corporations based on concrete codes of ethics.

Minister Shahid said that during this critical juncture, the international community must team up to stop disinformation and to ensure the credibility and accessibility of information disseminated by the media.

In his message, the Minister said that the Maldives has achieved remarkable progress in promoting media freedom, under the administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

He said that today the Maldives stands at the 72nd place in the rankings of the World Press Freedom Index and described it as a huge step forward from where the country was 3 years ago.

From repealing draconian laws, to cultivating an environment that allows journalists to thrive, the advocacy of the Government in re-enforcing the freedoms enshrined in the Maldivian constitution continues to grow stronger, without fail. We remain committed to counter any challenges that hinder safe journalism and to champion freedom of expression both at home and abroad.
Abdullah Shahid, Foreign Minister

The Minister ended his message by calling for the protection of media professionals and raise awareness on the importance of a free press as a means of peace, justice, and human rights for all.